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Football Premier League, season 2017/2018

Predictions, odds and stats for all Premier League matches of the season 2017/2018

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Premier League

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Champions League (Prognosis)
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    Man United
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    Man City
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    West Bromw.
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Current football predictions and tips | KickForm

Football predictions and betting recommendations.

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Bundesliga bets – The perfect bet

Better betting through the Kickform Football-Formula

Betting is popular. Not only football fans like to bet but a whole lot of friends and colleagues are participating in betting communities. Ordinarily it’s about glory and honor rather than money. Eventually everyone wants to win the betting community and show the fellow players and colleagues who the true football expert is.

Our Mission: “The best football-prediction in the world“

KickForm is a mathematic algorithm to predict the outcome of football matches. Our goal is to calculate the worldwide precisest prediction of football matches on the basis of relevant key figures. For that purpose we developed a special and unique procedure - the KickForm Football-Formular. It is our mission to offer you the best football prediction in the world. And we are working on it everyday.

Methodology - A scientifically sound football-prediction

In his book „Der perfekte Tipp“ (“the perfect bet“) Prof. Heuer from Münster University (Germany) ascertained the existence of certain parameters that display a high correlation between the prediction of football games and the actual result. The deciding factor in regard to that is the performance level of a team that is composed of various key figures, e.g. goalscoring opportunities, possession, market value, match day or home game advantage. Prof. Heuer was able to prove that predictions according to his model, compared to odds of bookmakers, were better than those of bookmakers.

Progression - Make success in football measurable

KickForm has taken this procedure as a basis and is constantly enhancing it. Because the common parameters such as goalscoring opportunities, possession, market value, running distance, corner kicks and shots on goal do not always indicate the actual performance level of a team. The opportunities of analysis within the field os sports statistics are getting more sophisticated each day, the measuring of the of game of football is getting ever more precise. Almost every movement of players, ball and managers is being recorded, tactical formations are analyzed and new parameters such as packing are taken into account when analyzing the game.

We at KickForm consider all available key figures, analyze and evaluate them, calculate correlations between factors and results and thereby constantly optimize our Football-Formula. As a result the accuracy of our predictions is continually improving and we are getting closer to out goal to deliver the world’s best football prediction, on a daily basis.

Better betting by default
It would be best for you to subscribe to our newsletter. We will automatically send you our current prognosis before each match day for every fixture, including the probability for a win, a draw and a defeat as well as the likeliest results.

Your own Football-Formular
We are convinced that our Football-Formula delivers excellent results. Nevertheless we know that there are 80 million national coaches and football experts in Germany (bzw. entsprechende Übertragung auf internationale Ebene). Therefore we offer each customer registered with us the opportunity to develop an own Football-Formula. And this is how it’s done! Simply click on the top left button “Your Football-Formula“ and combine your expertise with our Football-Formula.

Choose one or more of our factors (team value, FIFA-Ranking) and set a value with the help of the slider bar. By doing so you assign a certain value to the factor for the calculation and set a different emphasis. As soon as you click “Save“, the factor will then be incorporated in the calculation and you get your personal prognosis.

If you are of the opinion that money scores more goals and that said factor has essentially more influence on the performance of a team in the Euros, then choose the factor team value and set it up to 100%.

Bundesliga bets - A few tips from the experts

How many goals are scored in a game on average?
Typically 2,8 goals are scored in a football game. A 2:1 bet therefore, often turns out to be right. If you add a 1:0, 2:0 or 1:1 to that, it will increase the success rate.

Should you bet on high wins or defeats?
Rather not. 46% of all wins base upon a lead of one goal.

Are home-wins really more frequent than away-wins in football?
Home teams score more goals on average. Average: 1,66 home and 1,20 away goals.

Is “draw“ a good bet in football?
No. On average merely about 25% of matches result in a draw. By implication: 75% of matches have a winner.

Does money really score goals?
The value of a football team estimated pre-season is extraordinarily high correlated with its actual performance. Rule of thumb: duplication of the market value = 10 additional points or a goal difference improved by 16 goals. In so far: yes, money does score goals.

What do you need for the perfect prediction of a champion?
With the help of the market value and the effective difference of goalscoring opportunities you can approximate the perfect prognosis for the second half of the season.

What about promoted teams, the Bundesliga-Rookies?
The Performance of promoted teams is astonishingly well predetermined. Notable variations from the lower half of the table (goal difference: -13/+8) are therefore unusual. Hence a “march through“ to the top of the table is extremely exceptional.


Kombiniere Dein Fachwissen mit unserer Formel und mach daraus Deine persönliche Fußballformel

So geht´s!
Wähle einen oder mehrere unserer Faktoren (Mannschaftswert, Fifa-Rangliste) aus und stelle einen Wert mit dem Schieberegler ein. Damit gibst Du dem Faktor bei der Berechnung einen entsprechenden Wert und gibst der Fußballformel einen anderen Schwerpunkt.

Sobald Du auf Speichern klickst, wird der Faktor bei der Berechnung berücksichtigt und Du erhälst Deine persönliche Prognose.

Wenn Du der Meinung bist, dass Geld viele Tore schießt und dieser Faktor besonders viel Einfluss auf das Abschneiden einer Mannschaft bei der EM haben soll, dann wähle den Faktor Mannschaftswert aus und stell diesen auf 100%.

Kombiniere Dein Fachwissen mit unserer Formel und mach daraus Deine persönliche Fußballformel

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